WordTerner Gifts

Searching for gift ideas? I have one question for you: Is there any greater gift than an expression from the heart?

We, as humans, experience a vast array of emotions. In many cases, the expression of those feelings is essential to building relationships. And yet, we fumble with the words. We struggle with what to say. And we allow those sentiments to go dormant, or to perish…never to be expressed.

WordTerner Gift Ideas

Just because you don’t have the words doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share. I will use my seventeen years of ghostwriting experience to extract those emotions and package them in words that are expressive, unique, relevant and timeless. Each work of words comes with a money-back exclusivity guarantee. These unique expressions are yours to give as you choose; you own them, and there are no others like them on the face of the earth.

What might you use this service for?

  • Thank-You Notes
  • Love Letters
  • Expressions of Sympathy
  • Professional Communications of Gratitude
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Goodbyes
  • Congratulations
  • Confessions of the Heart

Why pick up another generic card from the drug store? Why buy a gift that can only attempt to express what you’re feeling? Life is too short to leave the important things unsaid…or to say them in the same way someone else might.

You may wish to use your unique WordTerner creation in a number of ways. Rewrite it in your own handwriting for a letter or inside a card. Have those words engraved on a piece of jewelry or any type of keepsake. Say those words out loud, or have them recorded for posterity. You may also wish to inquire about our one-of-a-kind WordTerner creations (photos coming soon).

The WordTerner Process

Here’s how the process works: I will conduct a discovery session (via phone, video chat or email) to learn about your story, your intentions, your emotions and to gain a better understanding of what you need to express. We will then settle on the format (poetry, prose, statement, phrase, etc.) that best suits your purposes. This is nothing to be nervous about — just a chat between friends.

I will then go off to create the word art that best expresses what you wish to say. Yes, edits will be entertained, as long as the original purpose, theme or format is not changed after the discovery session. If there are changes requested, they can usually be accommodated for a small fee.

Schedule your FREE consultation or discovery session today. You will receive a quote on the spot, and there’s no requirement to commit. Remember, you will own the copyright to any work you pay for, and it’s guaranteed to be 100% unique (or you’ll receive a full refund). All other gift ideas are sure to pale in comparison!

Give the gift of words. Not just any words, but the ones extracted directly from your heart. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Say it well and say it now. Your heart will thank you.