About the Writer

Jacinda Little, ghostwriter

Jacinda little, ghostwriter

I am in awe of the power of language; at how a collection of manmade symbols can accomplish things beyond what man has dreamed.

That’s why I’ve chosen to set out on a mission — that mission being the harnessing of a portion of that power. I’ve been enamored with words and their forces from an early age, and my passion intensifies with every creation.

I want everyone to experience the power of the written word, and that’s why I’ve chosen to live the life of a ghost writer. I want to be your words on the page, your voice to the world. I want you to know that your message has been delivered, in a snugly wrapped and beautifully presented package. You have something to say. I have a way to say it.

During my career as a ghostwriter, I’ve written hundreds of articles, press releases, and blogs. I’ve titled books, written books, named companies, and conjured taglines. Now I’m onto new and exciting projects, but am always looking for the next big challenge — the project that will take me somewhere I’ve never been.

So tell me: Where are you going next?