Ghostwriting Services

Need to hire a ghostwriter? Whether you’re in need of an editor or a start-from-scratch ghostwriter, I can help. Maybe that memoir isn’t coming together like you’d hoped it would. Maybe you’re unable to find the time to post articles to your site. Or maybe you belong to the large part of the population that avoids writing — it’s a speed bump on the otherwise smooth road to your success.

There’s good news and bad news: The good news is that I can help with that — all of that. The bad news is that you haven’t called me yet; precious time is slipping through my keyboard, and I know that you have plenty of useful and downright fascinating tidbits to share. So let’s talk about how I can help your dream come true.

Confidentiality is never a problem. I bring no ego and am happy to shrink back under the woodwork after the project has been completed to your absolute satisfaction. Non-disclosure agreements are welcomed.

The following is an abridged list of services. (Like my favorite coffee house’s sandwich board says, “This is not a limited menu”):



Press Releases

Company Names, Book Titles, Taglines

Book Proposals


Print Books



Every project is unique, therefore prices will vary according to research requirements, length, and other considerations.

I want to hear from you. Maybe you’re not even sure that you should hire a ghostwriter. Who knows, I might talk you out of it. Contact me for a price quote, a timeline, and a forthright opinion.