About the Blog

I’ve established this blog in order to connect with other writers and readers. I strive to share, with the realization that I will never stop learning.

Here, you’ll find writing advice, musings on creativity and time management, glimpses into a ghostwriter’s life, and book reviews.


3 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Deara Jacinda,

    I’m happy to have met you in the ether of the web. Thank you for reading my poem Endurance and clicking the ‘like’ button. If you knew how strange it is to type the words, ‘my poem’ you’d understand why having someone read it, no less like it, means so much.




  2. Doug – I only wish I could have found the “love” button. Its simplicity and sentimentality are touching. Here’s to your poem (glass raised) and other forthcoming works (hint, hint) ;-). J

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